Thursday, May 13, 2021

Updating Internet Explorer/Edge

If you are running a Microsoft Windows computer, then Windows Update (a built in function of the operating system) will update all of your Microsoft products.  This includes Windows (the operating system itself), Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.) AND the Microsoft web browser.  For years, Microsoft used Internet Explorer as its built in web browser.  Since Windows 10, it has been using Microsoft Edge.  The icon indicating a shortcut to the browser changed a bit.

Microsoft browser icons

Support for Internet Explorer is ending in 2019.  This means that there will be no more updates, security or otherwise, for that browser.  Again, be aware of malicious sites telling you to that your browser is not updated.  

To update the Microsoft web browser, run Windows Update... that's it. If there is an update, it will be applied. 

In the box located at the bottom left side of your computer, type in "windows update" in the "Type here to search" box.  Click on "Check for updates."


If you have any updates pending, then select "Install now."  This will also ensure you have the latest browser version installed.  Do NOT trust any popups that tell you your browser needs updating!