Saturday, September 26, 2020

Update Apps

Let's not forget to update our applications!  These too can come with security enhancements, vulnerability fixes and upgraded functionality.  But before you update, let's take a look at what applications you have installed and (1) Do you need them? (2) Did you install them?

There are official App stores for different operating systems and vendors.  Three of the most well known are Google Play and Amazon (for Android devices) and Apple's App Store for iPad and iPhone and Mac.  Then there are the unofficial app stores that usually should not be trusted.  Yes, unruly and malicious apps sometimes show up in the well known stores, but they are usually removed as soon as discovered.  

To ensure you only download from the official app store for your device, you can set it up to only do that in your preferences.

For Mac, go to System Preferences, Security and Privacy, and unlock.  Then set to only allow downloads from the App Store.  You will receive a warning if you try from any other download location.  

By default, your Android device comes set to NOT allow downloads from untrusted sources.  Let's leave it that way, unless you want to install Amazon apps. 

Back to updates!

On your Apple screen, you'll see a number or numbers on the App Store icon.  This indicates you have updates to apply.  Some applications may have issues until they are updated.  So if your Facebook launch is just spinning, check to see if there is an update available first.

You can use Launchpad to review your installed applications. 


For Android devices, open Google Play, tap on menu, then My apps & games.  If there are any updates pending, they will be listed there.  

While you are in Google Play, review the apps you have installed.