Thursday, May 13, 2021

Changing Web Browsers

With Microsoft support of Internet Explorer going away, and a leaning toward a Chrome type Edge browser, many people have asked me if they should switch and if so, how to do it? 

First, make a backup of your links in IE or Edge.  This way you can import your favorite sites into a new browser. 

Decide upon which browser you want to use.  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are good choices for Windows or Mac.  They are both well supported and have significant security upgrades, as well as a large variety of extensions available. 

Do NOT do a search on the internet if you need to download either.  Go to the source!

For Google Chrome -

For Firefox -

Download and install, then set that browser as default.  Import your bookmarks, take a look at your privacy settings, and you are on your way.  

So, step by step.  Export your bookmarks.  


NOTE:  Apple stopped supporting Safari for Windows a long time back and there are many security concerns.  So what if you are running Safari on Windows?  You want to switch to a new browser!

To export your Safari bookmarks, open Safari, and click File > Export Bookmarks. This will create an HTML file you can use to import into another browser.  The follow the links on the left menu to import into Chrome or Firefox.