Saturday, June 25, 2022

What to update?

Updating your software, to include antivirus, is like keeping gas in your car.  If you don't have it, you could be stranded.  If a new piece of malware is released, without that update your data could be compromised.  

So what to update?

Number one thing to remember - if you receive a notification from a pop-up on a website telling you to update - DO NOT CLICK IT!


There are multiple browsers available, including Microsoft's IE or Edge. If you are using a MAC, iPhone  or iPad, then you are probably using Safari, the Apple browser.  Other browsers that are popular are Google's Chrome, FireFox and Vivaldi.  These browsers will provide their own updates, so again - do NOT click on a link from a different webpage that tells you your browser needs updating.  If you are unsure, then locate the "About" or "Software Update" link IN THE BROWSER ITSELF.

Updates will typically download themselves and most of the time, especially if the browser needs to be restarted, it will let you know.  If not, then take a look at the link on the left to pick your browser and choose how to update and/or how to check what version you are currently running.

Again, do NOT click on a link that tells you your browser is not compatible or needs updating.


These programs will also download their updates and let you know if the computer needs to be restarted after updating.  



Many websites use Java in order to function correctly.  This is another application that will usually download, but not let you know it is ready.  The default setting is to automatically check for updates.

For Windows, click on the up arrow at the bottom right of your computer screen.

Look for an orange icon.  If you see this, then you'll need to update Java.

Right click the icon and select install.   

Watch the installation box that comes up - sometimes Java will try to package other software with it.  Deselect that software before installing.