Saturday, July 31, 2021

Data as a Weapon?

What is meant by data weaponization? How can our data be "weaponized" and for what purpose?


Tracking your internet experience began in the mid 1990's with the advent of the "cookie."  (A tracking cookie is a small file placed on your computer when you visit web sites.  This file is shared among other sites or services.)  Today, vendors such as Facebook use your data to make money, allowing other vendors to buy access to your personal information and preferences.  This information is used to target you to buy their product and/or services.  It can also be used in an attempt to influence your views and opinions.  

Want to see what Facebook collects from your account?  Click on Settings, then Your Facebook Information.  Here you can either view by category, or download the entire file.  For some users, this file could take some time to generate!



My advice - look close at the "Apps and Websites" section - pay attention to whom you have given access to your information.  You may be surprised.




  An example of "cognitive hacking" attempts, published by the Wall Street Journal October 2017: