Saturday, August 08, 2020

iTunes Fake Invoice

If you have an Apple product, be it tablet, computer or iPhone, you probably have an iTunes account, so receiving one of these emails can be confusing and alarming.  Here are some items to look at to confirm this is a fake invoice received via email.


1.  NOT sent from Apple or iTunes

2.  Sent to "undisclosed-recipients" and your email is copied.

3.  Some serious grammar issues

If you did open the attachment (here is it a .pdf type of file), you could see something like this:

4.  NOT you

5.  If you hover over the link, you'll see the destination, without going to it. 

6.  I can tell by this one, that it is redirecting to the location highlighted in green.

So let's see what VirusTotal says about this second URL location.

And if you had Malwarebytes installed and clicked on the link:

We confirmed this is a fake invoice! The threat actor, or hacker, is probably trying to get your personal information.


Here is another fake invoice:


 Verdict?  DELETE!