Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Two Factor Authentication

What is two factor authentication

Two factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security measure you can take to ensure you are the only one accessing your account.  In addition to your username/email and password, 2FA gives you another code to enter to further verify who you are.  I recommend ALWAYS using two factor authentication whenever it is available!  

You will need to enable 2FA with the online accounts you have that offer it.  There are some examples and links below to popular banking and online accounts that offer two factor authentication. 

Once 2FA is enabled, you log into a website, and enter your username and password, you will then be reminded of the 2FA method you chose when you set it up (text or email or phone call). You will then be provided with a one time generated code you have to input to continue. 

If you want to set up two factor authentication in conjunction with online banking, search your banking web site, usually under security and/or privacy links.  It may be called a different name, such as "SafePass," for Bank of America.  You can use the "Search" function at your bank's main page:

If you cannot find it, contact your bank and ask them what their plans are for implementing two factor authentication!

Here are some examples of where to find out how to set up 2FA.  

Wells Fargo

Bank of America

Check and see if any other of your on-line accounts offer two factor authentication.  Amazon is one of them.

Or check this site to see if your other online accounts support two factor authentication - Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Many if not all password manager have a browser extension - see article on Browser Extensions for more info.