Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Just have a question?  Something gone wrong with email? We offer safe and secure remote access to assist you in troubleshooting!


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BSCANS provides researched, factual and relevant security information.

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Computer security protection is important and does not have to be hard to do.  BSCANS will ensure you have a current antivirus installed, as well as install and configure Malwarebytes.  And more.

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So how can you prevent your information from being leaked?  How can you keep from getting spam and scam emails?

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License: "Your Windows License will expire tomorrow!" Read More

Virus: "This is Microsoft, you have a virus on your computer." Read More

Popups: "Your computer has been blocked!" Read More

Email Spam

Spam: Junk email sent unsolicited as a mass mailing, usually advertising a product. Read More

Phishing: Fraudulent emails representing a known company for the purpose of stealing your information Read More


What is malware?

The origin of malware are the words malicious and software.

How can it affect me?

Malware can take over your computer, steal your identity and clean out your bank account.

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Windows or Mac?

This site is primarily for Microsoft Windows operating systems.  Why is that?

 There is malware in the wild that targets the Apple operating systems.  But the market share for Macs is in the lower digits and hackers are going to go for the lowest hanging fruit.  And with the majority of personal computers, that is Windows.   If you have a Mac, you may have heard that you do not need antivirus.  But can it hurt?  I run both, Windows and Mac, and have Malwarebytes installed on each.  



The same security best practices apply to any computer and operating system, be it Ubuntu, Windows or iOS  - do not fall for these types of scams!!!


Other Devices

  • Windows or Mac?
    This site is primarily for Microsoft Windows operating systems.  Why is that?
  • Tablets
    E-Reader, scheduling assistant, drawing board, you name it.  And what you can do...
  • Internet of Things
    IoT - Internet of things.  What does that really mean?

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