Just have a question?  Something gone wrong with email? We offer safe and secure remote access to assist you in troubleshooting!


I’ve discovered that there’s an enormous demand for someone who understands that world and can answer questions without enormous fees.  BSCANS is a website to help you with virtually any personal automation questions or problems.  Any fees for services are usually just to cover costs and in some cases you can decide for yourself what you’re comfortable paying for whatever service you receive.  

I can help with maintaining your computer and attached equipment (email, printers, screens, modems, etc.) to optimize their functions, to include fixing and blocking problems within the software.  I can provide advice within 24 hours on problems you have with your computer and with questionable emails and phone calls you receive and ensure you have software protection in place to prevent future occurrences (fraud and scams are a specialty of mine). 

I can provide remote assistance, as long as you are connected to the internet. 

On this website you have free access to information I’ve put together based on my experience and on issues I’ve helped people with.  Enjoy!